About us

Sonters Fern Nurseries is a specialist fern propagation and production company.
We operate our Nurseries in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane , with over 12 ha of covered growing space.
We are a family owned business, started by George and Val Sonter over 50 years ago.
Our Nurseries propagate over1.5 million fern plugs each year, always using our own spore and our range includes over 60 varieties of ferns.
Sonters are national suppliers to the large chain store retailers and we supply smaller garden centres across Australia.
We also supply plants for council plantings and landscaping contracts.
Our Fern Range includes all the iconic fern varieties-
Maidenhair varieties
Table fern varieties( pteris ferns)
Serenity fern
Birds Nest Ferns
Tree Ferns
Elk Horn Ferns
Stag Horn Ferns
Holly Fern
The Autumn Fern
Cold Climate Ferns
Extensive range of native Ausralian ground Ferns  
Doodias and Blechnums.
These Ferns are generally available accross our wide range of  sizes-
From plug trays , then pot sizes including 6cm,9cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm 18cm and 20cm.
Our nurseries produce a wide range of gift planters, terrariums in many sizes and bespoke fern boards with birds nests, elk horns and stag horns mounted and ready for display.