Serenity Fern

Perfectly balanced shape makes this fern ideal for a feature indoor or gardens. Very hardy fern which produces masses of new foliage from the crown. New foliage is a lovely lime green colour, which contrasts against the mature fronds.


Serenity ferns do best when grown in a location with bright, indirect light. Too much shade can result in sparse fronds that appear lackluster, and too much sun can burn the fronds. 


Ferns like organically rich, loamy soil with good drainage. Adding compost and peat to your outdoor garden before planting is typically recommended. For a potted fern, use a peat-based potting mix with added perlite for increased drainage capacity. 


The key to successfully growing a Serenity fern is to keep the soil lightly moist—but not soggy—weekly waterings for indoor plants and more frequent waterings for those grown outside in warm environments.